Since my father was the second of ten children, I was blessed with many aunts and uncles.  One of my favorites was the Uncle Edsel, whom I photographed standing near his garden, hoe in hand and accompanied by his loyal dog, Fred.  This dog is also pictured in the painting “Feeding Time,” making the trip […]

My Grandfather’s Pontiac

GRANDFATHER’S PONTIAC This car was rumored to have been acquired brand new around the time I was born in 1956.  The GM cousins of the mid-50s weren’t as popular at the Chevrolets, but this Pontiac apparently caught my grandfather’s eye and remained in the family all of its motoring days.  My granddad was too practical […]


My grandfather was strictly a Farmall man when it came to farm equipment.  Nothing green and yellow around his place except for what grew in the fields!  When I was a teenager, he permitted me to drive his ‘little’ tractor- a late 40s vintage Farmall Model C.  He also had a beautiful late 50s model […]

The Candy Kitchen

In my father’s home town in Illinois, this historic soda fountain and eatery dates back to the early 1900s.  It was a popular place for after-school socializing in its day, and a nostalgic destination for visitors returning for school reunions since its restoration and re-opening.