This is a scanned photo from 25+ years ago from the scrapbook.  The image was created from a business card sized coupon that was provided to me.  My two most challenging objects to paint back in those days were the McDonald’s twin arches and the old crown logo for Best Western properties.  Both had curves […]

Church tour bus

For a while, our church enjoyed the short-lived glamour of motoring around in a motor coach just like the big city churches.  This repainted bus looked good, but was actually a 30-year-old Silver Eagle retiree from the Trailways fleet that didn’t take long to wear out its welcome with enormous repair bills. The graphics on […]

Downtown wall mural

This mural project was painted over another “ghost mural” for a former auto parts store at this location.  The design for this effort was adapted from a similar mural done by another painter downstate from here.  The client for this project thought magnolia blossoms and trains were already in plentiful supply around our town, and […]

Not really stained glass

This window insert was created for my late father-in-law from a thumbnail image in a greeting card catalog.  The panel measures 48″ x 17″.  

Metal advertising sign

Another effort at re-creating an advertising panel from an old magazine ad.  Again, the metal panel has bends and blemishes for character.  My father owned this early 50s vintage ancestor of the SUVs.  My mother called it the “box.” The Willys was Jeep’s effort to produce a line of passenger cars in those years.  Before […]

Ghost mural restoration

                                                                    Most cities have them – old hand painted wall murals that have faded with time. Work is underway here to restore […]

Metal advertising sign

This is something you’ll not likely find elsewhere – an advertising sign with a random arrangement vehicles of different model years.  The background is based on an actual location along interstate 74 in northwestern Illinois between Peoria and the Quad Cities.  The green Chevy II station wagon was a vehicle I owned at the time. […]

Restored theater marquee

This metal marquee was found in attic space above a downtown store and donated to our local museum.  After i repainted it, a neon bender re-installed the neon tubing to bring the old sign back to life.  It is mounted in the center hall of the Amory Regional Museum, which is the subject of a […]


This banner was approximately 40′ long x 6′ high, painted on two rows of butcher paper.  This was the year after the historic devastation of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi – a most appropriate theme!  

Baptistery Mural

Hand painted large scale displays are just about consigned to history, but once in a while such a commission still comes along.  The client at this country church took me to a large church in town that had this scene painted in their baptistery.  He wanted it duplicated, but the artist had passed away.  I […]