Walnut Church

Church and conference center near Wlnut, MSOne of my larger church projects in the remotest of locations in extreme northern Mississippi, actually located nearer to the Tennessee state line than the post office in Walnut, Mississippi that hosts the mailing address for this church.

This project has since been completed, but to date I have only an evening shot of this building on file.  It’s a long way to get here, so I don’t just happen by on a good day for pictures!  The original plan furnished to me by the client was from an architect in a large city, and was too complex for local contractors to handle.  I took the plans and re-worked them to use a simplified pre-engineered box – and a BIG box at that!  As is typical for the church projects that I do, the curb appeal is concentrated on the front, or whatever view is first seen by traffic approaching the building.  The rest of the structure is pretty basic, whether small or large.  The large picture window groupings at left and right corners are mostly “dummy” glass, masking a couple of standard sized functional windows per floor within the grid.  This detail was a request of the client.  The windows behind the port at the center are all functional, lighting up a nice entry foyer with hallways to the left and right wrapping around the footprint serving two stories of classrooms and offices wrapped around the sanctuary in the middle.  At the rear is a banquet hall sized fellowship space and kitchen that I still need to get photographed – next trip!

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