Downtown wall mural

30' x 16' wall mural

30′ x 16′ wall mural

This mural project was painted over another “ghost mural” for a former auto parts store at this location.  The design for this effort was adapted from a similar mural done by another painter downstate from here.  The client for this project thought magnolia blossoms and trains were already in plentiful supply around our town, and wanted something more generic, yet with impact to the motoring public passing by.  There was more time spent in arriving at this design than its simplicity would suggest.

On a personal note, the space occupied in this end of the block happens to be our local food pantry.  I was painting this mural on one Tuesday morning when the weekly distribution occurs.  I couldn’t help but notice that so many of the folks who apparently needed assistance with getting enough food did manage to have enough money for cell phones and cigarettes!

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