Girls Dormitory and Staff Apartments

Scanned photos from the scrapbook of the project that brought me to Mississippi.  This is a 2- story dormitory at a children’s home that provides housing for 12 girls on the upper level and staff apartments below.  This was the first facility to provide suite-style living quarters for added privacy – no common bath facilities. […]

Yard carolers

These painted plywood cut-outs are actually older than our college age children, and have faithfully stood in our front yard every Christmas season to provide a simple contrast to all the other glittering and twinkling displays.  “Glory to Go din the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” – Luke 2:14

Walnut Church

One of my larger church projects in the remotest of locations in extreme northern Mississippi, actually located nearer to the Tennessee state line than the post office in Walnut, Mississippi that hosts the mailing address for this church. This project has since been completed, but to date I have only an evening shot of this […]


My grandfather was strictly a Farmall man when it came to farm equipment.  Nothing green and yellow around his place except for what grew in the fields!  When I was a teenager, he permitted me to drive his ‘little’ tractor- a late 40s vintage Farmall Model C.  He also had a beautiful late 50s model […]

The Candy Kitchen

In my father’s home town in Illinois, this historic soda fountain and eatery dates back to the early 1900s.  It was a popular place for after-school socializing in its day, and a nostalgic destination for visitors returning for school reunions since its restoration and re-opening.