Church tour bus

For a while, our church enjoyed the short-lived glamour of motoring around in a motor coach just like the big city churches.  This repainted bus looked good, but was actually a 30-year-old Silver Eagle retiree from the Trailways fleet that didn’t take long to wear out its welcome with enormous repair bills. The graphics on […]

Frisco Depot

This is one of a series of vignette-style paintings of historic buildings of our local community that have been torn down.  This train station  was one of many similar structures that fell victim to demolition before more recent initiatives to preserve historic buildings across America. This station was the half-way point on the trip on […]

Downtown wall mural

This mural project was painted over another “ghost mural” for a former auto parts store at this location.  The design for this effort was adapted from a similar mural done by another painter downstate from here.  The client for this project thought magnolia blossoms and trains were already in plentiful supply around our town, and […]

Haskell’s Clock

This is an autumn view from our local city park looking north toward our central business district.  The foreground subject is a beautiful clock that was provided to the city by one of it’s sons who made it big in the entertainment business.  He donated the clock as a memorial to his mother who served […]

Christmas on Gilmore Drive

I’m fascinated by sunsets and the challenge the issue to an artist to capture on paper or canvas.  This view down Gilmore Drive toward the setting sun shows another subject of mine in the distance – the Wright Log Cabin.  Between the cabin and the subject building is the Frisco Pasadena Hills railroad passenger car. […]